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Revere Coffee Company

Old Glory (Medium Roast)

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This coffee is a true medium roast in all its glory. With rich flavors, medium body, and delicious chocolatey undertones, you may just be reaching for a second cup of it faster than you'd think!


What Makes This Roast Unique:

  • Medium-bodied flavor, perfect for most coffee drinkers
  • Notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and graham cracker


The Old Glory roast is also packaged in our zipper bag, allowing you to seal it back up for optimum freshness! 


Coffee that tastes good and does good: 10% of all profits go to organizations that support small businesses & empower the next generation of Patriots. You can see more on the organizations we support here



*Please Note: We try to get you the freshest coffee possible and that often means roasting a batch when you order. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to get your order shipped out to you.